Reasons a Sprinkler System is a Worthwhile Investment

While you’re making plans for a lawn or other plant material for your new home or business property, you may be wondering if a sprinkler system is a worthwhile investment. The answer is yes, it most definitely is worth the cost, but it’s easier to write that check if you have a better grasp of why. So, here are the reasons a sprinkler system is worth installing:

More uniform lawn growth

Face it; no one wants an ugly lawn. It’s embarrassing and reflects poorly on your home or business and the neighborhood. Even if the grass is in the backyard or out of sight, you want it to be attractive. Uniform watering from a sprinkler system will yield a beautiful, even lawn.

Better water application


A sprinkler system will distribute the water evenly, meaning the lawn will get the maximum benefit from watering. This, in turn, will promote lush growth. A lush lawn chokes out weeds and is less susceptible to pathogens. Stations can be created for plant material with similar watering needs, giving the property owner great control over water application in all areas of the property.

Curb appeal

A beautiful lawn inspires admiration and envy. We know one lady who had an average house in an ordinary neighborhood with a stupendous lawn. People would stop regularly and ask if the house was for sale. A home with curb appeal is also inspiring for neighbors, who may wish to follow suit,

The clock

While it’s true that a homeowner can run an irrigation system manually, a clock opens a world of automation and control. No sprinkler system should be without a working clock. Both seed and sod require regular and consistent watering to look their best. A timer will take care of that, and also maintain the lawn in the event the property owner gets busy or is away for a time. A clock can be programmed to water trees and shrubs at a different rate than the lawn, which will create optimal conditions for their needs, as well.

Fiscal return

While the initial financial outlay of a sprinkler system seems unnecessary, it will save thousands of dollars in water, weed control, plant replacement, and more. Also, the excellent plant growth will make the property look its very best. Far from merely creating a lush landscape for the property owner to enjoy, it will also offer a substantial return on investment during the eventual sale of the property, since attractive real estate commands a higher price.

If you’re considering adding a sprinkler system to your business property or new home, or even replacing or adding to your existing sprinkler system, why not give us a call?

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