the Benefits of a Sprinkler System for Lush Turf

Summer is here, so it's time to add some of the plant material to landscapes which thrive in hot weather. One of the best examples of warm weather planting is sod. Sod is one of the more expensive ways to achieve a lawn, but there are some benefits to planting sod which other forms of turf propagation can't match. Turf is not cheap, so it behooves anyone considering adding lawn to a landscape to have the best method of care possible to keep that lawn looking its best. Here are some of the reasons a property owner should consider installing a sprinkler system before laying sod.


It's instant

Once a crew prepares the area, rolls out the sod and waters it in, that's it; the property has turf. With a sprinkler system installed before the laying of the grass, it will only need a couple of weeks for the area between the strips to fill in entirely, but that's it. An automatic sprinkler system makes and keeps sod instantly beautiful.

Cuts erosion

Sod takes to being planted in a myriad of areas, even places like slopes and inclines where seed may tend to wash away or stack near the bottom. As a result, a sprinkler system combined with sod offers consistent growth in the most challenging locations, creating a smooth, even lawn.


Sod creates a lush, green, fully developed lawn which is almost impervious to weeds and other propagation issues. Tifgreen, Tifway, and other heat season grasses thrive in the current Valley temperatures. Summer is a fantastic time for an interested property owner to add an irrigation system and plant sod. Within a few weeks, the property can boast of a verdant green lawn which can be enjoyed by all for the duration of the summer and beyond.

While sod is not for everyone, it certainly offers the benefits of instant success and a gorgeous new lawn area within a matter of hours. A sprinkler system will keep it looking its best for years, adding to the property value and ambiance of the home or business.

If you're considering adding a sod lawn to your property, contact a professional irrigation company to design and install a sprinkler system to help maintain that portion of your landscape. Whether you're adding to an existing sprinkler system, or want a new one specifically to manage the lawn area, we can help!

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