Types of Landscape Lighting


Landscape lighting installation is a valuable asset for every property. Not only does outdoor lighting showcase some of your home's most attractive landscape features, but it provides essential illumination for late-night guests as well. Your loved ones and visitors will appreciate the extra light these fixtures provide when they traverse your property after sundown.

As the weather warms and we enjoy the cooler evenings, landscape lighting installation options become something a homeowner may consider. Installing landscape lighting means we can spend even more time outdoors in summer enjoying backyard barbecues and swimming pools. Pleasant thoughts of these activities bring our outdoor lighting to the forefront of our minds.

With this in mind, we offer some landscape lighting options, old and new, for you to consider as potential additions to your property:


Accent lights

Judiciously placed lighting can showcase the most attractive features of a landscape. Who doesn’t love lights which show off the beautiful architectural features of a home, or a single beam which makes the arms of a tree stark against the backdrop of a wall? 

Pathway lighting

There is something so satisfying about an illuminated path. “This way,” it seems to say. The fact that we won’t trip because we’ll be able to see is a big plus, too.

LED strip or rope lighting

Strips or ropes of lighting used to highlight steps, bricks, or paths is a relative newcomer to the scene, but we don’t think this one is going to be dying out soon. LED lighting is high-quality lighting and economical to operate.

Well lights


Well lights are in-ground lights, a partially or wholly buried option which offers a clean landscape look . Welll lighting readily offers low-level light along walls and building edgewise.

Low voltage landscape lights

Low voltage landscape lighting can either shine downward, or be used at ground level, for example, against a wall or other feature that needs illumination without a prison-yard-like glare.

String lighting

One of the hottest new looks in lighting is strands of globe lights, The festive decor they offer is one that can be achieved in the backyard with a few strands of globe lights.

In short, landscape lighting provides a number of benefits to both the homeowner and guests. Homeowners who may enjoy a lighting upgrade, need their landscape lighting repaired, or are considering remodeling their landscape lighting should know their options.  Give us a call or schedule a consultation today!

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